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How well do your customers know you?

How often do they think of you?

Your answers to these questions may mean more to your business than you think. No matter how impressed your first-time customers are with your products and services, if you don't remain in their thoughts, they may not come back to you.

Repeat business is a mainstay of any company--especially small companies. Unfortunately, repeat business won't always generate itself. You need to actively pursue it.

One of the most effective ways to remain in the mind of each customer is with a company newsletter. A newsletter can keep your customers informed of your company's new products and services, your latest accomplishments, and your goals for the future. A newsletter can remind past customers that you're still the best choice for new projects.

Palfrey Media offers complete newsletter production services, including design and layout, content creation, ad design, printing and distribution. We can also develop online and email newsletter campaigns, and maintain your database of contacts. Contact Palfrey Media for a quote on affordable newsletter creation services for your business.

Palfrey Media publishes several ebooks that can help you with your business. To browse our selection of titles, visit CafeBookshop Ebook Store.